So you think you're a big Jags fan, huh?

News4Jax speaks with family whose fandom is bigger than yours

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For those of you who think YOU'RE the biggest Jaguars fan, there's a 10-year-old boy in Mandarin willing to challenge you on that.

Zev Shapiro was only a baby the last time the Jaguars went to the playoffs. In other words, he's never watched his team in a playoff game. But he showed News4Jax that he understands what a big deal the Jaguars' game against the Buffalo Bills truly is.

“I'm the biggest one in my school,” Zev said.

Zev and his family are arguably among the biggest Jags fans in Jacksonville. 

Zev was a splendid guide as he took News4Jax on a tour through his Jaguars den. Inside, there was a treasure trove of Jags swag. 

“Behold! Here’s my room,” Zev said as he opened the door to his boy cave. 

Inside, Zev had Jaguars ticket stubs, Jaguars memorabilia hanging from the wall as well as Jaguars koozies, sunglasses and key chains. He was also keen to point out the Jaguars hoodie he wore to get his most recent haircut. 

“I'm working on a Lego Jaguars helmet,” Zev said. “That will take me a long time, but I’m still trying.”

News4Jax interrupted Zev’s tour to find out who's responsible for the young super-fan who was only 9 months old when he last experienced a Jags playoff game. 

Steven, Zev’s father, has been bleeding teal and black since the very beginning. He showed News4Jax the actual newspaper announcement from November 1993 when Jacksonville was awarded an NFL franchise. 

“Back when we actually read newspapers,” Steven said laughingly.

Dad and crew, even trekked to Tennessee last weekend to watch the Jags play the Titans in the bitter cold. 

There's also Zev's 8-year-old sister, Ita, who showed us the Jaguars shrine in her room, complete with signed autographs from some Roar cheerleaders. She told News4Jax that she’s looking forward to a Jaguars’ championship. 

Die-hard Jaguars fandom encompasses the entire family – even Deborah, Zev’s mom, has Jaguars fever.

“I was a fan because I was here when we got the Jaguars, but I wasn't as big of a fan as I am now,” Deborah said. “The whole world revolves around when the games go on.”

The Shapiro 5 told News4Jax they’re "all in" for the Jags' game against the Bills. 

The Jags’ wild card matchup kicks off Sunday at 1 p.m. at EverBank Field. 

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