Jaguars tickets could be more expensive next season

Though organization says prices expected to go up, fans still willing to pay

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Going to see the Jacksonville Jaguars play could be more expensive next season. 

The Jaguars organization said it's expecting ticket prices to go up. But there's no word yet on exactly how much.

Jaguars officials said Monday that ticket prices for the 2018 season won't be released until February, when they go on sale. But Jacksonville does have one of the lowest average season ticket prices in the NFL.

Fans told News4Jax that they don't care if prices go up, saying they'll still pay to see the Jaguars play.

For Jaguars fan and Jacksonville native Michael Murray, watching his team has been more exciting than ever this season. 

"It takes you back to 1999. I was in high school and I remember," Murray said. "I was at EverBank (Field) last night and we celebrated, and I remember seeing this on Channel 4 back then. Everyone showing up to the game, waiting on the team to show up and celebrate with them. So it brought back a lot of memories. And I feel, like, little kids now, they experience this and they go to more games with the family, they'll look back and say, 'I remember when.'"

Plans for the 2018 season are already in the works. According to Jaguars officials, it's likely that ticket prices will increase. 

"I think they need our support even more next year, especially since they have a chance to go to the Super Bowl," Jaguars fan Jane Gamba said. 

The last time ticket prices went up was in 2016, when they increased by 3.6 percent. Jaguars officials said the average general admission single-game upper level ticket for the 2017 season was $49. The organization said the new ticket prices won't be revealed until next month. 

"It doesn't surprise me for them to have newfound success," Murray said. "To raise ticket prices pays for a lot more stuff, might even open up the tarp on the upper level. So I think it’s warranted.”

Jaguars officials said they have seen more interest, with fans already putting down deposits for next season’s tickets. 

"I have been a season ticket holder in the past," Gamba said. "I plan to be next year, as well, because I just think all the guys on the team are great."

Murray also said he doesn't want to miss a game next year. 

“I go to at least four games a season," he said. "(I'm) currently not a season ticket holder, but I plan on doing it this year anyway.”

Regardless if tickets are more expensive, Murray said, it's worth seeing the Jaguars win. 

Jaguars officials said it's not necessarily winning games that increase the ticket prices, but there's other factors to consider, such as the impressive schedule that the team has next season. The New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles will all be playing at EverBank Field in the fall. 

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