Teal and black takes over Boston

News4Jax speaks with Jaguars fans in New England

BOSTON – It’s a teal takeover in Boston Saturday. News4Jax anchor Nikki Kimbleton was there and said she is running into Jags fans everywhere. 

Tommy Ulman is one of them. He said, “This is great. So excited at the turnout. There’s teal everywhere you look.” 

This is Ulman’s second weekend on the road as a Jags fan. 

“We just got back from Pittsburgh,” he said. “And now we are getting ready to go to Minnesota.”

Don Wood is another fan from Jacksonville who hopes that’s the case. He thinks having so many fans turn out for the game will make a difference. 

“This makes me hopeful for what it’s going to be like in the stadium tomorrow. I think they’re going to win.”

While a lot of people came up from Northeast Florida, some fans came a lot further. People like Philips Robbins. 

“I flew all of the way from Hawaii,” Robbins said. “This is a big deal because I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old.” 

Nikki Asked him how he thinks the game will turn out tomorrow.

“I feel pretty good. I’m cautiously optimistic. I think the boys will come out to play. It’s the Jags' time. Everybody wants to see the Jags win.”

Even though most of the Jags fans we ran into were surrounded by other Jags fans, there are some families and friends here who are divided. That includes Jodi Leafer and Allison Abbott, who will be sitting together Sunday at Gillette Stadium. 

Jodi is originally from Boston,  although she lives in Jacksonville now. When she’s inside of EverBank Field, she roots for the Jaguars. But in her home city, she’s for the Patriots all the way. 

“If the Patriots were to lose to anyone, I would want it to be the Jaguars. But make no mistake, I want the Patriots to win.”

Her best friend, Allison, doesn’t waiver at all. She’s a Jags fan through and through.

“I told her I’m here for the ride and enjoying it and whoever wins, I’m just happy to be here, Abbott said. “But I do hope the Jaguars win.”