War cry a Duval-edged sword for Patriots fan

Woman shares commonality with Jags hometown

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Not only do people across the country know who the Jacksonville Jaguars are, they know all about Duval county. Of course, the reason for that is our infamous war cry. 

It’s not only screamed inside EverBank Field; you hear it inside any stadium where Jaguars fans are cheering on their team. So imagine if you were pulling for the opposing team's players and Duval is your last name. 

Nikki Kimbleton traveled to Foxborough, Massachusetts this weekend and found one such Patriots fan. 

Carine Duval has been a Patriots fan for decades. 

“I’ve been cheering for the Patriots for 20 Years. I’m dating myself by telling you that but I’ve been a fan since Bledsoe.”

Carine even went to the Super Bowl in Houston last year to cheer on her team. She will be at the AFC Championship this weekend too. But this game will be a little different. And a little weird. Because she will hear hundreds of Jaguars fans technically screaming for her. 

We asked her if she had ever heard about the chant before. 

“I heard about it through a friend and then I heard it on TV during a game. Everyone is like, Carine they’re chanting your name,” she told us jokingly. “And I was like, yeah it happens everywhere I go.”

Will hearing it Sunday make her a little uncomfortable? Not at all. 

Duval said,  “I’m going to be sort of excited. It will be fun. I love that your fans support their hometown.”

After Sunday, you likely won't hear anyone screaming out “Duval” in and around the Boston area for a while. But we taught Carine’s co-workers how to say it, just in case.