From Jax to Europe, Jaguars fans come from everywhere

News4Jax speaks with German Jags fan in New England

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – From Jacksonville to Germany. Yes, Germany. Jaguars fans came to Foxborough, Massachusetts from all over the place, and they’re pumped. 

News4Jax Anchor Nikki Kimbleton talked to Matt Rudolph about his trip from thousands of miles away. 

Nikki asked, “You’re from Germany and you’re a Jags fan?” Rudolph replied, “Yes. Absolutely. Started in 1995 and couldn’t get away from them.”

Rudolph brought three friends with him on the trip. They feel that after a 20-hour flight, they’ve got to see the team take home a win. 

“Last time that I took a long flight like that to an away game was Denver in 1997,” Rudolph said. 

Though they came the farthest, they’re not the only ones at the game who claim to be among the Jags' biggest fans. 

Jeff Beaurrun was in head-to-toe teal and black. 

“After we beat the Bills, I saw this amazing, furry teal hat and it just looked perfect. It’s great to wear it and represent the Jags,” Beaurrun said. “We are here baby! Come on Duval!”

And all of the outfits, yelling and chanting are not in vain. It’s support like this on the road that former player Fred Taylor says can make a difference. 

“This is long, long overdue and the fans deserve it,” Taylor said  “Whether they called out sick or whatever they did to get here, the guys are very appreciative because you’re in a hostile territory and there’s nothing better than when your fans go crazy when you do something well. Like, get a sack or touchdown.”