Jumbo Shrimp troll Buffalo Bills fans with new promo

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In minor league baseball fans are often more interested in promotions more than the outcome of a single game. 

This year the Jumbo Shrimp are using one of their promotions to poke fun at the Jaguars first playoff opponent from this past season. 

On Friday, May 11 the Jumbo Shrimp will host a Folding Table Appreciation Night. Breaking folding tables has been a long tradition of Buffalo Bills fans. Back in January thousands of the “Bills Mafia” made the trip to Jacksonville for Buffalo’s first playoff game since 2000.

Here is what the Jumbo Shrimp say fans should expect during this special promotion:

After being traumatized by Buffalo Bills fans, we will show our gratitude for Jacksonville area folding tables that provide quality surfaces to work, party and eat on during Folding Table Appreciation Night. Activities for the night include but are not limited to: folding table grand prizes, between inning games involving folding tables, local businesses set up on folding tables and for the first time ever, an exclusive interview with a folding table that survived a Bills fan jumping on it during the Jags 10-3 victory over the Bills. For tickets and more info please call our Director of Tabular Displays at 904-358-2846.