Local company hosts one-stop shop for youth football

Boost Sports Performance hosted 420 youth football players for a combine day


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There are some studies that conclude that youth football is on the decline in this country.  Don't tell that to James Coleman, owner of Boost Sports Performance, and the 420 youth football players that registered for their combine day.

"When people talk about stats that show youth football going down and declining, I have plenty of real time stats to be able to refute that fact," said Coleman, a former Florida State fullback.  "I don't know about the rest of the nation but as far as the first coast area, football is still there and people want to play it."

If you are going to play it, it has to be safe.  That is where the idea for this combine day stemmed from according to Coleman.  In addition to the Boost staff taking the kids through NFL combine-type drills like the 40-yard dash and the shuttle run, they hosted doctors for the necessary physicals that the St. Johns Middle School Athletic Association, as well as others in the area, require.  Staff was also on hand to give out shoulder pads and helmets and make sure that they fit properly.

"We have their coaches coming here making sure the kids pads fit well, making sure the helmets fit well and if there's anything wrong, they can fix it.  It is not a lack of equipment, it is a lack of using the equipment properly or having it fit properly that causes injuries."

Coaches may be there to make sure the pads and helmets are working, but Coleman is there to make sure everything else is working as well.  That includes the body itself.

"One of the biggest parts of this is to make sure that everything is working properly," said Coleman.  "You have to go through your yearly physical to make sure that you are actually fit enough to play.  But when you add what we do here, actually testing the body, enhancing your physical performance, it only makes you safer."

For more information on the program or Boost Sports Performance, visit www.trainwithbsp.com