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Losing a bet means buzz cut for pro baseball player

Orlando native loses blonde locks when high school team goes undefeated

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MONTVERDE, Fla. – Hey, Frankie, did you lose a bet? Yep. Cleveland Indians All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor has a new look -- and very little hair -- after paying up on a bet he lost to his Orlando-area high school baseball team.

Before this season began, Lindor told baseball players at Montverde Academy, his alma mater in Lake County, that he would let them shave his head if they went undefeated.

Twenty-five wins later, the high schoolers made Lindor pay up, shaving his iconic blond-on-top hairdo, leaving him with a buzz cut.

The Indians, of course, hope Lindor doesn't make like Sampson and lose his all-star powers.