Intuiton Ale Works releases beer honoring Myles Jack

The local brewery offered "Myles Jack Wasn't Down" beer starting Thursday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Since an early whistle by a referee in the Jaguars AFC championship game against the Patriots last season, a saying of "Myles Jack wasn't down" has gained popularity among Jaguars fans.

Now it has become a beer.

Local brewery Intuition Ale Works, located a block from TIAA Bank Field, has started serving a "Myles Jack Wasn't Down" beer to honor the play the Jaguars linebacker made that could have changed the outcome of the game in January.

Bronson Olympia is an assistant tap room manager at Intuition Ale Works and says that idea for the beer stemmed from the reaction in the tap room after that fateful play.

"That game for sure the tap room was loud, so we really didn't know what happened at first but when we saw the call it was just an uproar," said Olympia.

Olympia says that the beer itself is a Belgian tripel that is dry hopped.  He says that it has a banana kind of flavor with hints of peach as well.  It is a little dryer of a beer that he says is a different, unique take on a Belgian tripel.  Since the start of business on Thursday Olympia says that the reaction has been great.


"So far so good on the reaction.  Everybody that has come in, that is the beer they went for and ordered so far.  We are working on a board for it right now, so the main board isn't even up yet and it is already selling so that's always a good sign."

Intuition has made only 10 barrels of the "Myles Jack Wasn't Down" beer, so get it before the referee blows an early whistle on this brew.