Two local football products could soon go from friends, to SEC rivals

QB's Carson Beck and Jeff Sims have offers from Alabama and LSU

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Out of the millions of kids that play high school sports only a handful of them will go on to play in college. Deciding which school is the best fit isn't the biggest decision that Carson Beck has to make.

Right now the Mandarin junior isn't even sure of which sport he'll play at the next level. He's got an offer to play baseball from the Florida Gators and recently picked up an offer to play quarterback for Nick Saban at Alabama. 

The good news is Beck still has two years left of high school to figure out which path he wants to take.

“Hitting is fun,” said Beck. “It’s fun to go up there, especially when you know what the pitcher is trying to throw at you. Hitting bombs is fun. Then football, I love the grind. It’s fun to work and be with your team and be in that type of environment.”

If Beck does end up choosing football and Alabama there’s a chance he’ll see a familiar face under center for LSU. The day after Beck received his offer from the Crimson Tide, his friend and workout partner Jeff Sims picked up an offer from the Tigers. 

“It felt good because we compete each other,” said Sims, who his entering his junior season at Sandalwood. “You see what he’s doing and then I try to do it. And then he sees what I’m doing and tries to top it. We both just feed off each other.”

If you spend a Friday night checking out Mandarin or Sandalwood this fall. Don't be surprised to see Saban or Ed Orgeron in the stands. The two quarterbacks know that their upcoming junior seasons are make or break in terms of recruiting and that’s why they’re spending all summer in the gym with 6 Points QB training. 

“During the season you lose your mechanics,” said Beck who projects as a pro-style quarterback. “Now is the time to refine all of those things.”

Sims is a duel threat quarterback and is spending the off-season getting stronger so that he can make more plays with his legs.

“I’ve been doing a lot of speed training and working on explosiveness” said Sims. “I just want to be unstoppable running the ball. Passing is a threat and then running will be even more of threat.”