Jaguars '18 rookie class a close knit group

Jaguars rookies host youth football

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In partnership with JaxPAL, the Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 rookie class hosted a free youth football camp on Wednesday at Henry L. Brown Kooker Park. 

Approximately 250 boys and girls aged 9-14 from JaxPAL, the Kooker Park Athletic Association and the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation will participate in football drills and activities led by Jaguars rookies and area coaches. 

“As a rookie class we wanted to give back to the community that we’ll be playing in,” said offensive tackle Will Richardson. "It’s a good thing to give back to the children who have dreams of being where we are one day. I feel like us coming out here gives them a lot to look forward to." 

The Jaguars ended their off-season program two weeks ago and since then several veterans have left town to enjoy the rest of their summer. A large majority of the rookies have remained in town and have been working out together and getting to know each other off the field. 

“It’s the diversity, having so many different cultural backgrounds within the rookie class,” said Richardson when asked what makes this rookie class so close. “I feel like this brings us together more as people. You’re able to interact about several things. You may see a guy that’s from Nebraska or Wisconsin and you think to yourself, man I never knew this guy a day in my life. But now that we’ve made it to our ultimate goal it’s time to start working together. What we’re going through is bonding us together.”