Brunell: 'Consequences' if Jaguars players make team 'look bad'

Unclear when suspension will end for Dante Fowler, Jalen Ramsey


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two key Jaguars players remained on suspension Monday, with no clear sign as to when they will return to the gridiron.

A Jaguars spokesperson announced the suspensions of Dante Fowler and Jalen Ramsey, saying the players violated team rules and behaved with "conduct unbecoming of a team member." The incident happened Sunday during training camp.

It started when a fight that broke out on the practice field between Fowler and another teammate.

But it was when Ramsey saw some reporters recording video of the altercation that things really heated up.

In a tweet, Ramsey said:

In a second tweet, which was deleted, Ramsey specifically targeted Florida Times-Union sports reporter Phillip Heilman. He wrote:

"You know you done messed up right? Lol if y'all want war, we got sum for y'all."

He ended the tweet with an expletive-laced hashtag, insulting reporters.

"If you break the rules, if you make the team look bad, if you make the organization look bad, there's consequences. That's the way it should be," said News4Jax Jaguars Analyst Mark Brunell.

Brunell said the suspensions show the Jaguars will not tolerate bad behavior.

Heilman declined News4Jax's request for comment, adding he does not want to be the center of the story.

"Personally, there were reporters and people in the media that I was frustrated with, disagreed with, and that’s just the way it goes," Brunell said. "But there’s a professional and a proper way to handle that."

The former Jaguars quarterback continued, "You can voice your displeasure or disagree with someone, but cussing them out or refusing to talk to them, I don’t think that’s the way to go. So maybe this is a learning lesson for Jalen (Ramsey). Maybe this is a learning lesson for Dante (Fowler)."

Brunell went on to call the incident and suspension a distraction for the team, which is trying to focus on the game and improving. He supported the Jaguars' decision to suspend the players.

"It sends a message to the rest of the players and of course Dante and Jalen that this is not acceptable, this is not how we conduct ourselves," Brunell said.

The Jaguars are set to travel to Minnesota on Tuesday to practice with the Vikings before playing a preseason game on Saturday.