Telvin Smith showing his QB some love with 'Bortles Service' tank top

Linebacker says 'that's my quarterback'

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Telvin Smith showed up at the podium today to answer questions from reporters wearing a tank top featuring Blake Bortles holding a tray with a football and bottles with the words 'Bortles Service" across the top.

When asked about the shirt, Smith said "it's a shirt that came out last year and since this was the first day, I felt like I should show some love."

Smith said that it was a limited edition release. 

"I think it was an offensive line thing. And I got one," Smith, a linebacker, said. "He's a servant leader. Leader of the team. He serves the team. He's our quarterback."

The graphic depicts Bortles, wearing his jersey and carrying a tray, as a server at a restaurant might.

Both Smith and Bortles were among six Jaguars voted by teammates as team captains on Monday.

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