Buying the hype: Jaguars gear selling fast as team continues roll

Successful season on field means good news for Jacksonville apparel stores

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The exciting start to the Jaguars' 2018 season is driving fans to local stores to stock up Jags gear. Local sports apparel stores are seeing Jags gear fly off shelves.

Several fans, like Kasey Faver, believe this is the year for the Jags, and feel confident going into this weekend’s game.

As a life-long fan who has stood by the team through the highs and lows, Faver said the momentum from last season is carrying over with an undefeated start to the season and a huge win against the New England Patriots. 

“In the past we haven’t had that hype, so the city is on fire because of what this football team is bringing to us,”  Faver said.

Since the Jags beat the Patriots, Sports Mania representatives said they’ve had to restock the winter knit hats four times just this week. 

“Generally they come in for an exciting game and they get one hat. They are coming in and buying three or four hats at a time," said Matthew Smith, owner of Sports Mania. 

Due to the high demand and three back-to-back home games, Smith said they are constantly trying to keep up with inventory.

“We're shipping so much Jaguars stuff in here, even the number one college team is having to be replaced on our floor to be able to make more room for Jaguar products," Smith said.

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