4 biggest takeaways from Jaguars' loss in Dallas

Jaguars' losing margin is biggest since 2015

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The Jaguars were blown out in Dallas 40-7, suffering their second straight loss Sunday. Jacksonville is 3-3 in the season, the same record they had through six games last season. Here are my four biggest takeaways from Sunday’s loss:

1. The offense isn't healthy enough to win games against good teams

The Jaguars are down to their third left tackle and are missing their starting running back, tight end and wide receiver, plus their fastest offensive player. That's not a recipe for success for most teams. The worrisome thing is that the starters who are healthy aren't playing well enough. Until Leonard Fournette comes back, the Jaguars don't appear to have enough ammunition for the offense to win games, but they should have enough to not lose. That's a start.

2. The blueprint to beat the Jaguars defense has been found

The Chiefs showed how to neutralize the Jaguars defense by working side to side against the aggressive Jaguars' front. Not every team has the players to do what the Chiefs, and on Sunday, the Cowboys did, but you can bet the Jaguars will see more of that approach. It's up to head coach Doug Marrone and defensive coordinator Todd Wash to figure out a counter to that kind of offense attack.

3. Free agents aren't doing enough

This off-season, the Jaguars made left guard Andrew Norwell the highest paid guard in NFL history. They signed tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and wide receiver Donte Moncrief to help the offense. None of them have lived up to their billing. Norwell has allowed more sacks and pressures this year than he did all of last season with Carolina. Seferian-Jenkins was placed on injured reserve last week, and Moncrief hasn't made much of an impact with just 18 catches, none on Sunday. The Jaguars aren't getting a return on their investment.

4. It's not too late to turn it around

The Jaguars are 3-3, the same record they had at this point last year. They can still win the division. They are currently tied with the Texans and Titans at 3-3 (Tennessee holds a tiebreaker at this point). The Jaguars can still make a run if they get into the playoffs, but they have to figure out what is broken with the defense and fast. The Houston Texans, who have won three straight, come to Jacksonville on Sunday.

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