Jaguars still feel you can win with defense

Chiefs and Rams combined for 105 points on Monday night

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Monday night the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs lit up the scoreboard for a combined 105 points. It was an electrifying game to watch with the Rams coming out on top 54-51. The two teams combined for 1001 yards of offense and 13 touchdowns.

Then there’s the Jacksonville Jaguars. Over their six-game losing streak they’ve scored a total of 88 points and have only found the end-zone nine times. 

The NFL has changed the rules to benefit teams that have a high powered offense. The Chiefs (9-2) and Rams (10-1) have both taken advantage. 

“That’s kind of what the league is turning into,” said cornerback Jalen Ramsey. “They want exciting football. It’s an offensive league. So as a corner I think that’s why we’re so valuable nowadays. Yeah it makes our job tough but you have to embrace that challenge.”

Although they haven’t played at the level of last season the Jaguars still have the No. 3 passing defense in the NFL. Jacksonville has chosen to build their team around having a great defense. Can you still win in today's NFL playing that way. Malik Jackson says the answer is yes.

“You had two great offenses show up last night and they did their thing,” said the Jaguars defensive tackle," when asked how he viewed Monday night’s game. “As a guy playing defense somebody is getting fired. Or somebody is going to get switched out of their position. That’s what usually happens after a 105 point game. Both defenses have to look in the mirror. So no I don’t think that’s the future of the league. At least I hope not.”