Marrone, Jaguars desperate to snap 6-game losing streak

Jags travel to Buffalo for playoff rematch Sunday

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As miserable as the Jaguars six-game losing streak has been for the fans, it's even tougher on Doug Marrone. The head coach believes that the buck stops with him and he is willing to do anything to break the skid.

A couple of weeks ago, Marrone changed up the practice schedule. This week, he gave the team Monday off, instead of Tuesday off. And he admitted Wednesday that he even changed his hair cut-anything to try to change the outcome on Sunday.

"I'm Catholic. Of course, I'm superstitious," Marrone said. "Nothing is working this year. I keep changing. Changing prayers, changing prayer cards, changing all of that stuff. It's not even that I live a bad life. I live the most boring life and I give. You would think I would get a little in return. It's bargaining. One thing about being Catholic, you gotta pay your way into heaven."

Marrone also said that he won't use injuries as an excuse for the losses. The Jaguars have placed seven regulars on offense on injured reserve this season including left tackle Cam Robinson, his replacement Josh Wells, wide receiver Marqise Lee, center Brandon Linder and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, all starters.

"My job is to win games. Injuries are part of it as drastic as it may be," Marrone said. "I am not going to be that guy. I have to do a better job, like I have said before. I am going to take responsibility for what I have to do and at the end of the day I can live with that.

"The best part of being a head coach is the job is so clearly defined. More than any other job in an organization. It is defined by winning games. When you are not, you are not doing your job. When you do, you have done a good job. Don’t sit there too long and gloat. You have to get on to the next one because you have to keep playing."

Marrone admitted that the losing skid has been tough on him and his family, but that he's trying to approach his work in a way that will provide a positive example for others.

"A lot of times in situations like this, I am encouraged to be a good leader, find the answers and find the solutions," Marrone said. "A lot of times for me personally, because I want to make sure I am a good example for my children, so when they get into tough times they know how to handle it. I think you guys understand that you can’t be like that with your team or else everything would come down. When you look at the inspiration, for me, that is what it is.”

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