Jalen Ramsey: 'I am never going to take losing well'

All-Pro cornerback wants a new contract


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – No player in Jaguars history has expressed his disdain for losing more obviously than Jalen Ramsey. 

This year, Ramsey has verbalized many of the emotions Jaguars' fans have felt. With the team assured of finishing with a losing record, Ramsey admitted Thursday that he wants more teammates who react to losing like he does.

"Especially this year has been pretty tough with losing and trying to cope with losing. People always try to say this guy or that guy or me personally, he doesn’t take losing well and he has a bad attitude," Ramsey said. "I am never going to take losing well. When you start taking losing well that is a guy you don’t really want, to be honest, if you are OK with losing."

Ramsey was seen during a miked-up segment on Jaguars.com being told by defensive coordinator Todd Wash, "This is going to be your team for a long time, so however you want it, that’s the way you’ve got to act."

"There was a little more to that conversation," Ramsey said. "They started the conversation a little late of what was shown to everyone. In terms of that part, like I told him [times are] tough."

Ramsey also responded to questions about his expectations for a new contract in the offseason. He will be entering the fourth year of his rookie contact and the Jaguars can choose to pick up his fifth year option, keeping him under contract for at least the next two seasons. After that, they can use the franchise tag on him to keep him in Jacksonville, if necessary. In November, an ESPN report surfaced saying that "Ramsey is likely to be one of the many players whose names will unexpectedly emerge in trade talks this offseason."

Ramsey said Thursday that if a new deal doesn't come in the offseason, a trade could be possible.

"I am going to let my agent and front office handle that. After what came out five weeks ago or however many weeks ago it was – yes, I am feeling like [that]," Ramsey said. "If [the team] is serious about [trade reports] not being real then I need to make it happen. If not, maybe what came out five weeks ago will happen. We will see. I am just going to keep enjoying every day. I am blessed. Let them handle it."

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