Mark Brunell: Offense missing in Jaguars' loss to Redskins

Jaguars lose to Josh Johnson-led Washington in final home game


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For those wondering, Josh Johnson had not started an NFL football game in seven years. He was just drafted to play in the Alliance of American Football. But Sunday, he beat the No. 6 defense in the National Football League, in Jacksonville of all places. Also if you were wondering, the Jags didn’t eclipse 200 yards of total offense. Kessler completed nine passes on the day -- not good.


Where do you even begin? On a somewhat positive note, the Dede Westbrook punt return touchdown was an outstanding play. The wall on the right side was perfectly set up, perfectly blocked, and Westbrook took it to the end zone for the Jags' only touchdown of the day. It was the biggest play of the day for either team and, if we had something to play for, it might have meant something for us.

The defense also did pretty well. We held Adrian Peterson for the most part, got to the quarterback at times, and forced the Redskins to kick 3 field goals. No turnovers forced by the D is surprising however, especially given the quarterback they were playing against, but overall not the worst performance of the season on their part.

This would all be good news -- if we had won. If. The defense needed to make a stop on that final drive, and they didn’t. The offense needed to do something, and they didn’t. Those are the difference makers. Last year, no one is running it down our throats to finish out a game. This year, a quarterback who has played for almost a third of the NFL’s franchises is kneeling out the game and beats us. At home, you just cannot lose to Josh Johnson. I cannot stress that enough.

Apparently the Jags played offense today, but I must have missed it. Kessler posted an abysmal 9-17 while passing, throwing for a grand total of 57 yards and added an interception in there that eventually swung the entire game. He also led our team in rushing with 68 yards, and actually had more rushing yards than passing yards. And if that sounds familiar, it is because his now backup did the same thing once in a playoff game last year that all but seems like ages ago.

Outside of a few Kessler scrambles, we had nothing on offense. We gave up 6 sacks on 9 total drives. We ran a measly 49 plays all afternoon and gave up 6 sacks, meaning on 12 percent of our plays the quarterback was thrown down for a loss. Again, not good. 

I think it’s safe to say we are looking at finishing this year with a 4-12 record. Our next two opponents are playing for the playoffs, while we are playing for a better draft position. That draft pick is really the only positive for this game, and it could be said that it’s the only positive for this year. Tony Romo predicted the Jags and the Packers to appear in the Super Bowl this year. Combined the two teams have 18 loses. I say this with my head hung low, but Go Jags.

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