Blake Bortles doesn't think he'll return to Jaguars next season

Jaguars QB likely done in Jacksonville

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HOUSTON – Sunday’s season finale was much like the rest of the Jaguars' 2018 campaign. Forgettable. That statement rang even more true for Blake Bortles. In what likely was his final game in a Jaguars uniform, the quarterback – and the offense as a whole- was hard to watch. 

Jacksonville’s first three offensive possessions produced 18 yards and zero first downs. 

On the first play of the 2nd quarter Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson ran for a 5-yard TD. That gave Houston 10 points compared to only 11 total yards for Jacksonville.

It wasn’t until the 9:51 mark of the second quarter that the Jaguars picked up their initial first down of the game. 

This stat sums up everything you need to know about the Jaguars 20-3 loss to the Texans: At the end of the first half, Watson had 48 rushing yards. Meanwhile, the Jaguars had 37 total yards of offense.

All of the Jaguars offensive issues can’t squarely be placed on No. 5. However, even when there were plays to be made, Bortles didn’t make them.

This should’ve been a touchdown pass to Dede Westbrook:

In all likelihood,  the Jaguars will release Bortles at some point during the offseason. For the first time, even Bortles admitted that he expects that to be his fate as well. 

"I don't think I'll be back next year ... being honest, I envision I'll be somewhere else next year,” said CBS announcers, quoting Bortles during Sunday’s game. 

Again, it’s not all on Bortles. But take a look at how the Jaguars first nine offensive possessions went:

PUNT - 3 plays, 1 yard
FG - 4 plays, 3 yards
PUNT - 3 plays, 7 yards
PUNT - 3 plays, 8 yards
PUNT - 6 plays, 12 yards
PUNT - 3 plays, -5 yards
END OF HALF - 1 play, 1 yard
PUNT - 3 plays, 0 yards
PUNT - 6 plays, 23 yards

When you look at numbers like that. It’s hard to imagine No. 5 returning to the Jaguars next season.