Report: Coughlin, Fournette meet to 'clear the air'

Running back drew Coughlin's ire in season finale

(Associated Press)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette met with Jaguars brass Wednesday, including Tom Coughlin, the executive vice president of football operations, according to reports, including from NFL Network.

According to the NFL Network report, Coughlin and other team executives met with Fournette to "claear the air and move forward together for 2019."


Fournette drew Coughlin's ire in the season finale in Houston when he was shown several times on the broadcast looking less than engaged. According to multiple reports, Jaguars brass discussed Fournette's future after his disappointing second pro season. One report said the meeting was set in the hopes that the two sides could move forward together in 2019.

There had been speculation that the Jaguars could trade Fournette, but if the report from NFL Network is accurate, that could be a shrinking possibility.

The former No. 4 pick of the 2017 draft missed seven games due to injury and another while suspended following an on-field fight in Buffalo. In two years in the NFL, Fournette has missed 11 of 32 regular season games for the Jaguars.

Following the suspension, the team voided the guarantees in the final two years of Fournette's contract. The move would make it easier to trade of cut Fournette, should the Jaguars decide to do so.

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