Jaguars 2018 season in review: CB Jalen Ramsey

Will Ramsey get a long term contract extension this off-season?

(George Varkanis)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In three seasons Jalen Ramsey has established himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. This offseason the Jaguars can sign him to a long-term contract. 

Position: Cornerback

2018 Stats: 65 tackles, 3 INT

2018 season in review: If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to back it up on the field. Ramsey did plenty of talking leading up to the 2018 season. 

He didn’t play at an All-Pro level like in 2017. According to Pro Football Focus Ramsey allowed 163 more yards this season and had four fewer combined pass breakups and interceptions.

Stats aside Ramsey was still easily one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. 

A couple of hours before the Jaguars Week 11 kickoff against the Steelers, a report came out that said the Jaguars would consider trading Ramsey. The team immediately denied the report. 

All Ramsey did was go out and put on one of the best performance of his career. He had a career high two interceptions and held Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in check for most of the game. 

Status for 2019: To pay the man or not pay the man? The Jaguars have the rights to Ramsey for at least two more seasons. After that they could choose to franchise him. 

The Jaguars already pay cornerback A.J. Bouye $13.5 million. Ramsey is going to be looking to make in the neighborhood of $15 million per season. In fact it wouldn’t be a surprise if he set a record for the most money ever paid to a cornerback. 

The question is will the Jaguars (who have salary cap issues) will pay Ramsey now or make him wait until later. If Ramsey doesn’t get paid this off-season there’s a good chance he won’t participate in any of the Jaguars off-season program. He didn’t show up for most of last year’s off-season program and still made his second straight Pro Bowl. 

There’s also a question of could the Jaguars choose to move Ramsey to free safety. He’s said on more than one occasion that he’s a cornerback not a safety. However moving him to the back end of the defense would allow him to have a greater impact on games. 

Maybe the Jaguars should consider giving Ramsey a small package on offense too.