Wayne Belger retires after 30 years coaching football at Bolles

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thirty years is a long time to spend in one place. For the last three decades Wayne Belger has been a coach for the Bolles football team. Belger was a longtime assistant of the legendary Corky Rogers and spent the last two seasons as the Bulldogs head coach. On Friday, Belger decided it was time to walk away. 

“It felt like know was the right time,” said Belger. “I talked with coach Rogers the morning I decided. He said you know what I waited too long to walk away. It just felt right. I felt like I was getting some signs that maybe it was time to get out. Forty-two years of doing something is a long time. Thirty years here at Bolles it’s been great.”


Belger played under Rogers while a student at Lee High School. When Rogers took the head job at Bolles in 1989, Belger followed him and played a large role in directing the Bulldogs offense.

Over the years Belger had opportunities leave Bolles and lead his own program. In the end he felt staying with the Bulldogs was the right move. 

“If you had asked me thirty years ago would I still be here? The answer would’ve been. No.,” said Belger. “I never thought I would stay here that long. But we had a good thing going. My kids came here and were able to play on Championship teams. They’ve since graduated and are doing well. It just kept being fun. So I just kept on doing it.”

Bolles has won 10 state titles with Belger and Rogers leading their football program.