Is Bills QB still trash? Jalen Ramsey thinks so


Jalen Ramsey talked. Josh Allen listened.

And now, the unofficial rivalry between the Buffalo Bills quarterback and Jaguars Pro Bowl cornerback enters the offseason with no signs of slowing down, thanks to an autograph. 

Allen signed an autograph to a fan on Sunday with an inscription at the bottom — "Hey Ramsey ... Am I still trash?" Ramsey, never one to shy away from speaking up, replied to a tweet about it with the word #YES in all capital letters. 

So it continues. 

Ramsey skewered Allen in a GQ magazine article last August, calling the No. 7 pick in the 2018 draft “trash” and taking shots at numerous other quarterbacks in the process.  

The website, NewYorkUpstate.com published the story Monday and it took off on social media. Allen, through the Bills, confirmed he personalized the signature at a fan's request, according to ESPN. 

Allen and the Bills beat the Jaguars 24-21 last November. The teams don't face one another in 2019, ensuring all barbs between Allen and Ramsey will be relegated to being played out through the media. 







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