Jaguars news & notes from NFL Combine

Fournette will have large role in 2019, update on extension for Ramsey

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – On Wednesday Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone and General Manager Dave Caldwell addressed both the local and national media on a variety of topics. Below you’ll find some of the most important news nuggets. 

Leonard Fournette will be a big part of this offense in 2019: 

All rumors of the Jaguars trading or releasing Fournette have gone silent. Barring something really unexpected the Jaguars are planning on having Fournette in 2019. 

Doug Marrone mentioned that he’s seen Fournette working out in the Jaguars facility over the offseason. However he was very surprised when Fournette explained to him where he’ll be training for a portion of the off-season. 

“When he told me about Wyoming, I was like, ‘Wyoming?' He might be the first player ever, nothing against Wyoming, but the first player ever,” said Marrone. “I was like, ‘Wyoming? Why are you going to Wyoming?’ I think hopefully the only thing I can look at is the sole focus for himself. To go out there and train and really get away. I believe him, and I am excited for him when he comes back.”


-Caldwell also casually mentioned that Fournette is taking his nutrition seriously.

-For the moment running back Carlos Hyde is still in their plans for 2019.

-Marrone on how they plan to use Fournette in 2019:

 “I just think of Leonard Fournette playing a major role in what we are trying to get accomplished and being a work horse for us and feeding him the ball and making sure he is practicing as a three-down back. When do we take him off the field? That is the problem that I know that I look for. When do we take him off the field? I want him to be out there."

Caldwell addressed their long-term plans for CB Jalen Ramsey and DE Yannick Ngakoue: 

-In a surprise to absolutely no one Caldwell said the Jaguars will pick up the 5th year option for Ramsey. 

-The Jaguars will begin discussions for a long-term deal with Ramsey after the NFL Draft in April.

- Jaguars will wait until after free agency to look at a potential extension for Ngakoue who’s entering the final year of his rookie deal.