Jaguars hit the practice field in Baltimore

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Monday is the first day the of the Jaguars joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens. While the two teams will go head to head in a preseason matchup on Thursday night, the practices leading up to that game are probably more important than the game.

The practices give coaches a chance to work players in different situations that may not happen during the game. Coach Doug Marrone said the goal-line drills will be especially important for the team because you don’t want the first time your offense is in a goal-line situation to be when the game is on the line.

Marrone isn’t wrong, the practice gives coaches a chance to evaluate their players against another team before the games matter.


• The Jags receivers dominated in 1 on 1’s with the Ravens defensive backs. CJ Board made a really nice catch.

• The running game looked good. The O-line opened some nice holes for Fournette and he hit them fast. 

• Fournette also caught several passes.

• Covering tight ends could be a problem moving forward. Jarrod Wilson struggled in coverage today getting beat a handful of times.


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