Jaguars game features extreme heat, injured quarterback, TV blackouts

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong on Sunday's Jaguars game


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The heat was turned up during the Jaguars game Sunday on multiple levels, from fans overheating to the loss of the starting quarterback. Then to top it off, fans at home couldn't see the end of the game.

Before the first snap of the game fans started realizing what they were in for as the intense heat started bearing down on them. They were allowed by the team to break usual protocol and bring one bottle of water into the stadium.

But not every fan thought one bottle was enough.

"Saw a lot of people sitting in the breezeways, on the concourses, sitting down, towels on their head. Paper towels, wet paper towels, things like that on their head," said fan Bonnie Upright.

Upright is a season ticket holder who says a lot of fans appeared in distress and the long lines to refill water bottles took forever. In fact, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue epartment tweeted out that 86 medical calls were made in the stadium and 18 people were transported to the hospital.  

"Well, I think there comes a point where the comfort of your fans should be paramount -- particularly on these 1 p.m. September games," said Upright. 

Then the heat just grew with frustration as the starting quarterback Nick Foles went out of the game. We found out he had a broken clavicle.

The frustration soon seemed to almost leap out of the stadium and into people's homes.

Most of the final quarter wasn't even broadcast as CBS Sports had a power problem with its TV truck and couldn't broadcast the rest of the game. Fans even called into the News4Jax newsroom (even though we don't broadcast the game) to express their frustration at not being able to see the rest of the drubbing by Kansas City.

We have contacted the Jaguars to ask them about the heat issue and the accessibility of water. The team say they are working on a response and will send one when they have it available.