Mark Brunell: Collapse means changes likely coming for Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Tennessee Titans scored 28 points in the third quarter on Sunday. In that same third quarter, the Jaguars’ season imploded and likely sealed the deal on what looks like another lost season.

I hate to say it with five regular season games still to be played, but that’s a wrap for this football team in 2019. The only possibility of feeling good about this year would be running the table and getting a winning record at 9-7.

And with how this team has been all over the place in an uneven season, that doesn’t even seem realistic at this point.

The frustration is not just about the 4-7 record. Good teams struggle at times and navigate rough patches. It’s not just about losing games these last three weeks to quality teams.

It’s how the Jaguars have lost games to the Texans, Titans and Colts. They were must-win AFC South games. The Jaguars not only lost, but they were crushed by teams that they are in direct competition with.

At a time when we needed our best football, we got our worst. Seriously?

More times than not, NFL games are close games. The last three games, the Jaguars have lost by 20 or more. That simply shouldn’t happen, unless, of course, you are a really bad football team.

It appears that the Jaguars are that, a team that just can’t put things together.

Unfortunately for many in the organization, changes are likely coming at this point. Owners make changes in the head coach. Head coaches make decisions on position coaches. Don’t be surprised to hear of changes made as soon as Monday in the roster and on the coaching staff.

Something has to be done, right? This will be a tough week for the Jaguars. Pride is on the line. Hopefully this team can find a way to finish strong. We can only hope. Go Jaguars

About the Author:

Mark Brunell is a sports analyst and reporter with News4Jax and current head football coach at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville.