Coughlin: ‘I offer no excuses’ on struggles this season

Jaguars executive vice president says 5 games remain to turn things around

Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin speaks to the media on Wednesday. (Cole Pepper)
Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin speaks to the media on Wednesday. (Cole Pepper) (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tom Coughlin made an unexpected appearance with local media on Wednesday, saying that there “are no excuses” for the team’s uneven performances in what has been a challenging 2019 season.

The Jaguars sank to 4-7 after a blowout loss to the Titans last Sunday, capping a disastrous three-game losing streak to AFC South competition that has turned a solid season into what feels like a total loss.

The struggles have turned up the heat on everyone in the organization. Coach Doug Marrone was asked several times after the Titans game — and since — if he expected to be back or make changes to the lineup or coaching staff.

He said no.

But hearing from Coughlin was a significant sign that a voice needed to come from someone in the organization other than Marrone. Coughlin said that he hadn’t planned on speaking to the media and it was indeed an odd showing.

“I feel at this point in time, I’m needed to speak," Coughlin said. "Doug has come before you with his message literally every day since the start of the season. If I can help reinforce that message, then that’s why I’m here. We’re all in this together. We’re all battling. We all want to win. You all want to win, I know that. You don’t want to write about a team that’s not winning. It’s not any fun. We’re all in this thing together.”

Coughlin answered with the same line or a variation of the same line multiple times when asked about the future.

Did he plan on being back in 2020? Does he think coach Doug Marrone will be back next year? Did he think the Jaguars would sign Yannick Ngakoue to a long-term extension?

“We have five games to play and everyone has a lot to prove,” he said.

Coughlin stressed the five-game outlook time and again and said that he hoped the fans would come out and support the Jaguars, beginning with Sunday’s home game against the Buccaneers.

The meeting with the media was a rare in-season public appearance for Coughlin. His mantra has always been one team, one voice, and that has been delegated to Marrone. But with Marrone repeating the same thing time and again, and subtle hints at times by the coach that he’d like to say more, but couldn’t, it became a necessity to hear from a higher-up.

Is the culture in the locker room fractured? Are players still focused?

“I think it’s [the culture] pretty solid for what we’re going through,” Coughlin said.

Jaguars EVP of Football Operations Tom Coughlin addresses the media.

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