Gardner Minshew making noticeable strides ahead of 2nd NFL season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gardner Minshew has been hard at work preparing for his second NFL season. With the Help of Coach Anthony Tumbarello, he has made noticeable strides.

Tumbarello is working with both Minshew and Wide Receiver Michael Walker this offseason both players are preparing for their second NFL seasons. Because of the NFL conducting OTAs virtually, it has given Tumbarello more time to help Minshew and Walker develop their bodies.

“We set goals at the beginning of where we wanted to be, and we hit all of those goals, so now we create new goals," Tumbarello said.

The results have been obvious. Just glancing at some of the videos that have been posted to social media, it is impossible not to notice the difference.

Minshew is preparing for his first training camp as the Jaguars starting quarterback, and he is not taking this opportunity for granted.

“He puts his head down and grinds. He knows the goal and what we are trying to accomplish. There are times when we go to the field and we will see who gets there first. The 15 minutes early rules turn into the 30 minutes rules with Gardner,” Tumbarello said

After wowing the football world with his ability to scramble and extend plays in his rookie season, Tumbarello said one of the things Minshew has focused on this off-season is improving his speed

After working with Minshew this off-season, Tumbarello is confident that the Jaguars will be better than many people expect next season.

“They hear the outside noise everyone does everyone does. So it kind of puts a chip on there should to of like alright guys lets get to work and prove people wrong by how we are going to play on the football field. Tumbarello said. “I think Gardner has made huge jumps I think we are going to see a lot of good things from Gardner and I am very excited for it.”

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