NFL preparing for loss of revenue, looks to escrow player salaries as a precaution

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The NFL is already planning for fewer fans in the stands this year.

The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs both announced Wednesday that their stadium capacity will be reduced significantly if fans are allowed to attend games this season.

The NFL is anticipating significant revenue losses this year because of COVID-19 and is setting the table to pass those on to players.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have been at odds for weeks over several issues involving how to deal with the 2020 season in the wake of the coronavirus.

The NFL has been slow to make decisions because time was on their side months ago. But with training camp scheduled to start later this month, the clock is ticking.

In anticipation of possible revenue losses during the 2020 season, the NFL wants to place 35% of player salaries in escrow to help manage costs during the 2020 season, according to NFL Network and other media outlets.

It didn’t take long for players to begin reacting to this news on social media.

Titans tackle Taylor Lewan said: “If this happens we need an entirely new PA.”

Brunswick native and Eagles Cornerback Darius Slay said, “We should get a bonus if we play!! We putting out family’s at risk.”

The universal reaction from current and former players was a resounding no to the proposed idea.

According to the CBA, the owners have no way of forcing the players to accept a deal similar to this one, but a shortened 2020 season or one impacted by reduced revenues would affect the 2021 salary cap.

This topic may feel familiar because it is similar to the disagreements the MLB and the MLBPA debated over for weeks. Hopefully, the NFL fight doesn’t get nearly as ugly at the one the MLB had to work through.

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