Mark Brunell: It should be an easy call to start Mike Glennon again


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – That was quite different from a week ago.

Sure, the Jaguars lost again on Sunday, this time in a close one to the Browns, but the feeling is much different coming out of this game than it was in the last.

Mike Glennon threw a couple touchdown passes and the defense kept Jacksonville in the game all the way until the end. That’s what we need to see.

Look at the performance from a week earlier against the Steelers. The defense kept us in the game. Quarterback Jake Luton threw four interceptions. We lose 27-3. That game wasn’t even close.

The difference in those games is obvious. Glennon didn’t turn the ball over and allowed the Jaguars to be competitive. He missed a few throws, sure, but I think that’s more due to the fact that Glennon hasn’t had a lot of meaningful reps in practice. Those can be corrected with work.

That’s why I feel quite a bit better this Monday morning than I did the last. It’s the perfect example for coach Doug Marrone to make.

Hang on to the football and look how competitive we can be.

I feel like I’ve said this quite a few times throughout this season. Who gives the Jaguars the best chance to win football games? We’ve seen what Luton has to offer. He’s just not ready yet and that’s not a knock on a sixth-round pick who didn’t have a preseason. We know what Gardner Minshew was capable of before his thumb injury. He was up and down this season.

Glennon got the spot start against a 7-3 Browns team and nearly got the team a victory.

He’s just a guy in the overall scheme of things, but Glennon has experience. The moment isn’t going to be too big for him. Glennon had spots where he was inaccurate but I thought his decision-making was actually pretty good. Remember, he hasn’t started an NFL game in more than three and a half years.

Glennon has earned the right to start next week against the Vikings. As I wrote last week, we need to see as much from the quarterbacks on this roster to be able to make decisions on if any of them are keepers beyond this year.

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