High school volleyball ‘21: Ten area teams move on to second round of playoffs

The high school volleyball playoffs begin Tuesday night.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The first round of the high school volleyball playoffs are in the books.

Wednesday’s action was unkind to area teams. Only Ponte Vedra, Ridgeview and Middleburg advanced. Bartram Trail, Creekside, Fletcher, Mandarin and Stanton bowed out. A night earlier, Bishop Kenny, Christ’s Church, Harvest, St. Johns Country Day, Trinity Christian and Yulee moved on. Union County had a bye in Class 1A and advanced to next week’s regional semifinals.

Tuesday’s results

Winners advance to regional semifinals on Nov. 2

Region 1-4A

Bishop Kenny d. Baker County, 25-8, 25-9, 25-9.

Yulee d. Fernandina Beach, 25-18, 27-29, 25-12, 25-23.

South Walton d. Bolles, 25-22, 25-10, 25-9.

Region glance

Two teams jump out here, the Crusaders and top-seeded Santa Fe. The Crusaders are the defending state champions and knocked off the Raiders in the regional finals in a 3-2 thriller last season en route to the title. The road to a defense will need to travel that same path this year.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Allison Cavanaugh (Kenny), 316; Christina Jackson (Yulee), 295; Caroline Brackens (Yulee), 290; Grace Albaugh (Bolles), 268; Bailey Chin (Kenny), 236.

Blocks: Emma Cook (Yulee), 42; Erica Grubb (Yulee), 39; Christina Jackson (Yulee), 33; Edel Kibb (Bolles), 32; Chloe Dorman (Baker County), 30; Rachel Skyles (Kenny), 29; Allison Cavanaugh (Kenny) 28.

Aces: Christina Jackson (Yulee), 58; Grace Albaugh (Bolles), 55; Gracie Arnett (Bolles), 55; Caroline Brackens (Yulee), 55; Tina Nika (Kenny), 55; Eden Farmer (Baker County), 52; Alexis Chin (Kenny), 45; Emma Richardson (Baker County), 43; Sarah Seabrooke, (Kenny), 42.

Digs: Tina Nika (Kenny), 430; Ashley Hall (Yulee), 264.

Assists: Alexis Chin (Kenny), 788; Kaylee Manning (Yulee), 527; Gracie Arnett (Bolles), 302.

Region 1-3A

Pensacola Catholic d. 8. Episcopal, 25-9, 25-14, 25-15.

Trinity Christian d. Florida High, 25-10, 25-16, 29-27.

Ocala Trinity Catholic d. Providence, 25-19, 25-12, 25-15.

Region glance

Solid local region here. The Eagles, Conquerors and Stallions have all been consistent and solid programs this season. But it’s an unforgiving region with top-seeded Catholic in the midst of an 18-game winning streak, along with defending state champion Trinity Catholic.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Amaria King (Trinity Christian), 434; Robinson Repass (Providence), 232; Josie Brooks (Providence), 185; Aliyah Nields (Episcopal), 177.

Aces: Kayla Burmeister (Providence), 50; Ally Carter (Trinity Christian), 45; Robinson Repass (Providence), 45; Reese Edwards (Episcopal), 44; Emily Collings (Providence), 42; Mikayla Markham (Trinity Christian), 42; Sierra Wolff (Episcopal), 40; Ella Roberson (Providence), 38; Amaria King (Trinity Christian), 36; Aliyah Nields (Episcopal), 36.

Blocks: Sierra Wolff (Episcopal), 66; Hadley Dantzler (Trinity Christian), 61; Robinson Repass (Providence), 52; Olivia Wells (Episcopal), 45; Kate Adams (Episcopal), 41.

Digs: Ally Carter (Trinity Christian), 418; Amaria King (Trinity Christian), 297; Ariel Ross (Trinity Christian), 197; Lexi Patania (Providence), 187; Elizabeth Curran (Episcopal), 173.

Assists: Ava Freel (Episcopal), 414; Ariel Ross (Trinity Christian), 392; Emily Collings (Providence), 380; Mikayla Markham (Trinity Christian), 341.

Region 1-2A

Christ’s Church d. Tallahassee North Florida Christian, 25-13, 25-18, 25-14.

Harvest Community d. Aucilla Christian, 25-13, 25-20, 25-21.

St. Johns Country Day d. St. John Paul II, 25-22, 18-25, 25-18, 25-16.

Region glance

Another local-heavy region with a tough path for area teams. Christ’s Church won a state championship in 2017. Harvest played for a title in 2018. And St. John Paul II was state runner-up a season ago.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Nadia Mortensen (Christ’s Church), 236; Abigail Maynor (Harvest), 212; Ashlyn Anderson (St. Johns CD), 209.

Aces: Elina Adhikari (Harvest), 94; Sydney Kambach (Christ’s Church), 70; Lauryn Mateo (St. Johns CD), 58; Kate Jacobs (St. Johns CD), 50; Carlie Vining (Harvest), 48; Ashlyn Anderson (St. Johns CD), 46; Madison Maple (Harvest), 40; Nadia Mortensen (Christ’s Church), 39; Noelle Kirkland (Christ’s Church), 35;

Blocks: Taylor Marts (Harvest), 60; Danielle Worthy (Harvest), 55

Digs: Kate Jacobs (St. Johns CD), 451; Carlie Vining (Harvest), 405; Lauryn Mateo (St. Johns CD), 313; Hope Kinman (Christ’s Church), 310; Nadia Mortensen (Christ’s Church), 268; Sydney Kambach (Christ’s Church), 230.

Assists: Peyton Cooper (Harvest), 602; Bella Gomez (St. Johns CD), 552; Sydney Kambach (Christ’s Church), 404.

Wednesday’s results

all at 7 p.m., winners advance to regional semifinals on Nov. 3

Region 1-7A

Lake Brantley d. Creekside, 25-20, 25-19, 25-17

Windemere d. Mandarin, 25-21, 25-23, 25-15.

DeLand d. Bartram Trail, 25-16, 20-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15-13.

Region glance

District 1-7A was deep this year, with three area teams emerging from that cluster to reach the playoffs. Creekside was a surprise district champ, but coach Megan Bowers’ team is always a threat. The Bears and Mustangs were Super 6 teams the entire season. Tough openers for all the local programs.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Jenna Otts (Bartram), 305; Ellie Jackson (Mandarin), 271; Lauren Marien (Bartram), 255; Taylor Boyd (Mandarin), 166; Isabella Collier (Creekside), 134.

Aces: Jenna Otts (Bartram), 66; Taylor Boyd (Mandarin), 62; Tyler Patterson (Creekside), 58; Alani Salas-Garcia (Mandarin), 52; Taylor Teaman (Bartram), 42; Sydney Lewis (Bartram), 39; Grace Hollis (Mandarin), 38; Ellie Jackson (Mandarin), 37; Gianna Martinelli (Creekside), 37; Erin Dailey (Mandarin), 32; Mia Watson (Mandarin), 32; Allison Jackson (Creekside), 30.

Blocks: Isabella Collier (Creekside), 51; Paola Aviles Morales (Mandarin), 46; Lainie Stapleton (Bartram), 43; Abby Minor (Bartram), 41.

Digs: Sydney Lewis (Bartram), 432; Vivi Vasquez (Creekside), 344; Ellie Jackson (Mandarin), 336; Mia Watson (Mandarin), 336; Alani Sala-Garcia (Mandarin), 305; Morgan Langley (Bartram), 244.

Assists: Annie Dill (Bartram), 751; Tyler Patterson (Creekside), 420; Grace Hollis (Mandarin), 325; Taylor Boyd (Mandarin), 324.

Region 1-6A

Ponte Vedra d. Pensacola Washington, 25-16, 25-6, 25-13.

Gulf Breeze d. Fletcher, 25-20, 25-12, 25-22.

Region glance

The Sharks are the unquestioned top team in the state and are seeking a state championship threepeat. But the road is going to be tough just to make it out of the region. Ponte Vedra’s likely path is facing both Tallahassee programs, Chiles and Leon, in the next two rounds. Gateway champ Fletcher has a daunting task in its opener, followed by a likely clash against powerful Leon.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Alexandra Hennessey (Fletcher), 318; Zeta Washington (Ponte Vedra), 260; Sydney Gaudreault (Fletcher), 247; Nadia Ewton (Fletcher), 200; Rachel Johnson (Ponte Vedra), 215; Kendall Mignerey (Ponte Vedra), 136; Chelsea Sutton (Ponte Vedra), 131.

Aces: Hannah Hayward (Fletcher), 71; Traci Schrock (Fletcher), 47; Kendall Mignerey (Ponte Vedra), 40; Regan Hostetter (Fletcher), 37; Zeta Washington (Ponte Vedra), 37; Elizabeth Parks (Fletcher), 35.

Blocks: Sydney Gaudreault (Fletcher), 120; Zeta Washington (Ponte Vedra), 53; Chelsea Sutton (Ponte Vedra), 49; Nadia Ewton (Fletcher), 38; Breanna Brown (Fletcher), 31; Iman Wright (Fletcher), 31; Rachel Johnson (Ponte Vedra), 29;

Digs: Traci Schrock (Fletcher), 601; Ava Witt (Ponte Vedra), 298; Alexandra Hennessey (Fletcher), 284; Hannah Hayward (Fletcher), 252; Elizabeth Parks (Fletcher), 193; Regan Hostetter (Fletcher), 180; Kendall Mignerey (Ponte Vedra), 162; Jessica Shattles (Ponte Vedra), 160.

Assists: Jessica Shattles (Ponte Vedra), 724; Hannah Hayward (Fletcher), 497; Elizabeth Parks (Fletcher), 386.

Region 1-5A

Middleburg d. Stanton, 25-10, 25-15, 25-15.

Ridgeview d. Panama City Arnold, 25-13, 25-13, 25-12.

Region glance

Good local presence here. Ridgeview has played a solid schedule to prepare itself for the postseason. There’s a very good chance that the Panthers could find themselves in an all-local regional final, potentially against an always tough Middleburg.

Local statistical leaders

Kills: Connor Rahn (Middleburg), 251; Elaina Reynolds (Ridgeview), 242; Tamin Trott (Middleburg), 158; London Francis (Ridgeview), 156; Haley Robinson (Ridgeview), 148; Teeya Desgoutte (Ridgeview), 142; Taylor Mills (Middleburg), 120.

Aces: Josie Bemis (Middleburg), 49; Elaina Reynolds (Ridgeview), 48; Elizabeth Nolan (Middleburg), 41; Brooke Forkum (Middleburg), 40; Tamin Trott (Middleburg), 39; Mariah Bostic-Jones (Ridgeview), 28; Connor Rahn (Middleburg), 28; Caroline Rinaman (Stanton), 21.

Blocks: Haley Robinson (Ridgeview), 72; Zoe Whaley (Ridgeview), 68; Tamin Trott (Middleburg), 66; London Francis (Ridgeview), 38; Brooke Forkum (Middleburg), 33; Connor Rahn (Middleburg), 28.

Digs: Kasey Casiple (Ridgeview), 511; Elaina Reynolds (Ridgeview), 280; Connor Rahn (Middleburg), 228; Teeya Desgoutte (Ridgeview), 225; Brooke Forkum (Middleburg), 160; Josie Bemis (Middleburg), 155.

Assists: Mariah Bostic-Jones (Ridgeview), 506; Josie Bemis (Middleburg), 338; Elizabeth Nolan (Middleburg), 323; Alaina Castengera (Stanton), 155.

Regional semifinals

Tuesday, Nov. 2, all matches 7 p.m.

Region 1-4A

5. Yulee (18-10) at 1. Santa Fe (25-3)

6. South Walton (21-6) at 2. Bishop Kenny (19-9)

Region 1-3A

4. Trinity Christian (20-9) at 1. Pensacola Catholic (26-1)

Region 1-2A

5. Christ’s Church (14-6) at 1. Gainesville Oak Hall (19-8)

6. St. Johns Country Day (18-5) at 2. Harvest (18-4)

Region 4-1A

3. Newberry (17-10) at 2. Union County (14-8)

Wednesday, Nov. 3

Region 1-6A

4. Niceville (10-9) at 1. Ponte Vedra (26-1)

Region 1-5A

5. Middleburg (18-10) at 1. Lynn Haven Mosley (19-8)

6. Choctawhatchee (21-7) at 2. Ridgeview (16-7)

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