Jacksonville Landing gears up for Fla.-Ga. weekend

Landing ready to host thousands of visitors to River City

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Landing is ready to host thousands of visitors to the River City throughout the weekend for the infamous Florida-Georgia game Saturday afternoon.

Music without mayhem – on cue at the Landing. This unscripted choreography part of the celebrating – and all out enjoyment of this football game tradition.

That fun meant Greg Fuce wouldn't even stop the chomp during our interview.

"I hear these Dawgs hollerin' at ya. I see all these Gators on the sidelines," said Fuce.

For every "Gator" talking loud, there seemed to be two or three more "Dawgs" barking about their team down at the Landing Friday night.

Some of the football fans Channel 4 spoke to had made the trip for the big game, from as far as Syracuse, NY.

"Most of the people from FL retirees, I'm thinking maybe their fans are that. All I can deduce from this is that Gator fans are a little tired," said Jeff Thomas.

"We'll go all night," said Samantha Collins with the Jacksonville Landing. "All night and tomorrow fall back with us, because we'll be open an extra hour."

Collins said they're ready to host thousands and that they committed to keeping things safe, by bringing in more than a hundred officers to the area for the weekend. If the crowds get too big, there are plans in place; the Landing will close the entrances and not allow anyone else in.

"We work closely with JSO and Fire Department to make sure it's a safe environment. Once they have questions, they come to us and we address it that way," said Collins.

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