3 Seminoles combine for a no-hitter vs. Maine on opening day

Drew Parrish, Conor Grady, and Chase Haney combined for the no-hitter Friday

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Drew Parrish and relievers Conor Grady and Chase Haney combined for Florida State's 10th no-hitter in the Seminoles' 11-0 season-opening victory over Maine on Friday.
Parrish went five innings, striking out five and walking one. Grady struck out four and walked one in three innings, and Haney had a strikeout and a walk in the ninth.
"This was so much fun," said coach Mike Martin, beginning his final season with the Seminoles. "It's very special. The closest that I think we've come to a no-hitter on opening day was us getting one-hit."
Freshman designated hitter Robby Martin was 3 for 4 with RBIs, and Reese Albert and J.C. Flowers homered.

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