Enzo Lee: 5-Year Old Hoops Phenom

JACKSONVILLE - He might just be the most popular 5-year-old on Instagram. With more than 108 thousand followers, Enzo Lee is a basketball phenom with people watching his every move.

"I recorded videos of him on my phone all the time and I posted a few," Enzo's dad Michael Lee said. "Other people started sharing with their friends and it kept blowing up and blowing up. Then a few NBA players starting seeing them. And that's when it really started taking off."

He may not be the tallest player on the court, but there's a reason for that. Enzo plays in leagues with seven and eight year old kids because the competition is better. He also joined an 7-year old AAU team which features some of the top players from across the country.

"He's the only preschool student down there," Michael Lee said. "That's what's really interesting is to see him interact with other kids who are highly skilled. It's fun for me."

And yet the question still remains: is this Enzo's passion or is this a father wanting to live vicariously through his son? His dad promises Enzo plays for the love of the game.

"He loves basketball," Michael Lee said. "Sometimes I practice with him. He loves the practice aspect if there are other kids around. Sometimes if it's just me and him, we butt heads a little bit. But sometimes when I think I've been practicing with him a little too long, I get home and he starts playing basketball in the house on the house goal. He just loves playing all the time. It's different. I just see something in him that I don't see in a lot of kids his age. He just loves sports a lot."

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