Fans no fans of new autograph zones

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PONTE VEDRA - Tuesday at The Players is designated as "Pens, Pics and Players Day". But new autograph rules have some fans crying foul.

"You can't see them play and you have to sit in the sun and you can't get your autographs," said 12-year-old Kaylen McMullin. "I just don't like it."

For the first time, fans are asked not to request autographs from players during practice rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday. Instead, players are asked to spend more time in autograph "zones" around the practice range and near the 18th hole.

"It's a little different this year because we're all stuck in one spot getting the autographs and it's hot," said Denise McMullin, Kaylen's mom. "I don't know how long we're going to last out here. Normally the best part about getting all of the autographs, or at least for the kids, is running around chasing the players. But not so much this year."

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