New way to stay cool at The Players

By Chris Parenteau - Reporter
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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla - It has been an absolutely perfect week in terms of weather this week out at The Players. Blue skies and sunshine have been on display all day every day. But with that comes the difficult task of trying to stay cool.

Luckily, one man has invented the perfect thing for that, The Polar Pod

It's a trailer with fans inside of it that is actually about 50 degrees inside. The owner of it says that within 5 minutes of stepping out of the 90 degree heat and into the polar pod, your core temperature will cool back to normal.

Fans, volunteers, and even fire rescue staff have made stops at the Polar Pod this week at The Players to cool down.

Owner and inventor Steve Parry says that a few years back, he was out at the beach and couldn't get cooled down. That's when he asked a restaurant owner if he could go into the walk in cooler.

"I just sat there and put my head in my hands for about 5 minutes. After that I got up and said 'wow, I feel great."

Parry says that's when the light in his head went off, that he would pay money to use something like that.

"The best thing about it is when people walk in. You hear 'whoa!'" Parry said. "That's the most common thing you hear."

"When people are outside, your brain is telling you that you are having a good time and you want to stay, but your body is saying that you need to go home. With this, you cool off your core in four or five minutes and you don't need to go home."

Parry says that on Thursday, there was someone who looked like he was going to pass out. After about 5 minutes in there the guy felt great, got up and walked away.

On his way, he stopped, shook Parry's hand and said thank you. Parry says that was all the validation he needed.

If you are out at The Players this weekend and looking for The Polar Pod to cool off in, they are located behind the merchandise shop and 17th hole experience.

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