Players' fans walking to benefit charity

By Chris Parenteau - Reporter
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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - As thousands of fans take in the action at The Players this week, together they will walk hundreds of thousands of miles.

It's called the Humana Walk-It challenge, powered by Charity Miles.

Just like last year, fans can take be a part of helping raise money just by walking around at the golf tournament, but this year it's even easier.

In 2013, miles put in at the Stadium Course were tracked by using pedometers. This year miles will be logged by smartphone app. Just start it when you get to the tournament in the morning and stop it when you leave at night.

Every mile walked raises 25 cents for national charities.  In addition, Humana will donate up to $20,000 to give back into this community.

With many charities to pick from, walkers can select where the money they raise will go. Last year, The Players logged the most miles walked by fans at any PGA Tour event during the year. Because of that, Humana built a playground a few weeks ago for of University Boulevard.

"I was just there on-site helping build that playground in the Sable Palms apartments here in Jacksonville," Laura Nolan said. "It was incredible. The children were able to develop and design their own playground. And we all came together to build that --- The Players, Humana, and the community -- to build that."

Humana's goal is to encourage people to help give back. Many fans have already downloaded the app and have been using it out there this week, so every time a foot hits the ground, money is being donated.

So far Friday this reporter has walked 4 miles out here. Combine that with nearly 7 miles Thursday. Just by working out here, $2.75 was raised for charity. If every one of the almost 40,000 people out here each day had the app and walked the same amount, that would be nearly $110,000 raised for charity just by watching golf.

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