Could Jaguars play 2 games in London?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The "London Jaguars" just doesn't have the same ring to it. And fans would be in an uproar if the team moved across the pond.

The NFL's goal is to eventually put an existing team in London. The question is, which one?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told a New York Post and former Florida Times-Union reporter there's a chance the Jaguars will play two games a year in London.

"I think it's a cool idea," Jaguars fan Natalie Rolle said. "I'm actually kind of excited. I actually wish I could get some tickets."

"If they're doing two home games, it's like you've got one foot out the door already," Jaguars fan Benny Lugo said. "So I wouldn't be too cool with that, but I can get playing one home and one away to establish a fan base over there. The more Jags there are, that's cool as long as we aren't going anywhere."

"The commitment we made to the league is to play one home game in London each of the next four seasons. That's our plan," a spokesman for the Jaguars said.

"A lot of people may not like it because there's one less game, but a lot of people maybe don't go to every game," said Linda Riggs, Jaguars Booster Club president.

If the league decides to play three games across the pond every year, Channel 4 Sports Director Sam Kouvaris says Jacksonville will most likely be the team to host two of them -- both considered "home games."

"When you have an international owner, you have to expect to have an international presence," Kouvaris said. "Shad (Khan) has international customers. The Jaguars are one of 40 or so businesses that he owns. He's using the Jaguars to promote his other businesses, to entertain. London is the ideal spot for that, so from the ownership standpoint, it makes a lot of sense."

As for permanently moving the team to London, Kouvaris says that's up to the fans.

"The Jaguars would be the logical choice if, in fact, they were not still selling tickets and they were still playing two games a year over there," he said.

"I would not like to see that happen," Riggs said. "I would love to see the Jaguars stay right here where they belong, where they started, and this is home for them."

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