Fans eager to welcome QB Foles to Jaguars' fold

Former Super Bowl MVP could be just what team needs, some say

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

The Jaguars' fan base has been abuzz with the acquisition of former Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles, but they appear split on whether the leadership change will turn the Jags around.

Foles picked up the torch in 2017 for injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and led the team to a Super Bowl win.

Now that he's inking a deal with the Jaguars, fans are excited with many saying it's time to move on.

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“I think it’s long overdue for the Jags to get a premier QB like Nick Foles,” fan Tom Bartol said, adding that the draft a rookie strategy hasn't been working for the Jaguars. “Seen how it works out.  It hasn’t. Lived here 20 years and been a long time for a quarterback.”

But as good as Foles has played, not every fan thinks he’s a sure bet. He suffered a shoulder injury last season and then a rib injury, missing a few weeks with the team. His injuries might have been short-lived, but fans like Ronnie Collins have noticed.

“He’s a good quarterback, you know, (but) injury prone,” Collins said. “That’s a big upgrade. I don’t know if they’ll keep him around but it’s a big upgrade.

Fans' emotions, like Chris Caric, were also mixed after learning the Jaguars bid farewell to Blake Bortles.

“Its sad, (I) loved Blake," Caric said. "He gave a lot of good years to the team and the city, but I think he’ll catch on somewhere. He’s still got a lot of football in him.”

Others think Foles is just one part of what the team needs to make another deep playoff run.

“I don’t think it’s going to make that much of a difference,” Lauren Musielak said. “You still got to fix other things like defensive lineman. Wide receivers got to catch it, not drop it.”

News4Jax Jaguars Analyst Mark Brunell believes Foles' MVP status will work in his favor.

“He’s going to command respect. The guys already know that he can play. They already know that he can prepare and that he’s a good leader," Brunell said.

Caric agrees.

“I think he’s got a lot of talent, obviously Super Bowl MVP. I think they still need to make a couple more moves around him, get a couple more wide receivers and maybe a tight end, but it’s very exciting," Caric said.

And Foles is a big investment for the team, his four-year contract is for $88 million with more than $50 million guaranteed.

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