Jags fans hope for big name in free agency

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jaguars fans are hoping for a big-name pickup in free agency, which began Tuesday afternoon.

Most fans of the teal and black are on the same page in thinking the team needs a big-time wide receiver to come in and help carry the load on offense.

Sports Mania manager Terry Trinidad had sports talk radio cranked up inside his Mandarin store Tuesday to keep up with all the free agency rumors.

"Sitting back here as a fan, you know, I want to see the big name come in," Trinidad said. "I want to see Mario Williams. You want to see some top receivers come in. You hope to see that as a fan. But in this type of business, you kind of hope they get that big name so you can start selling jerseys."

As an Indianapolis Colt, receiver Reggie Wayne certainly burned the Jaguars plenty of times. But fans now say they'd like to see his name on a teal jersey.

"His speed, his IQ of the game. His intelligence," Jaguars fan Matthew Johnson said. "He's amazing, and I know (former Colts quarterback) Peyton Manning and him together, that's a bad combo."

Jaguars fan Justin Viviano would love to see another top receiver come to Jacksonville, a guy who won Super Bowls wearing yellow and black.

"Hines Ward, I know, just got let go from Pittsburgh," Viviano said. "That would be kind of cool. He's a veteran. He's experienced, so he knows what he's doing. He's still a good player, so he's got a lot of potential left."

Jaguars fan Chris Wentworth thinks the team needs a veteran quarterback, someone who can mentor last year's starter, Blaine Gabbert.

"I feel like we need someone to help our quarterback develop more," Wentworth said. "Peyton Manning would be awesome for us to pick up, but you know that's a wish probably more than it's going to happen."

Talk of Jacksonville native Tim Tebow returning home has spread in the last few days, though Jaguars fans seem conflicted on whether he would be a good addition to the team. [Watch video]

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