Mayor Curry arrives in Pittsburgh as Jaguars take on Steelers

Jaguars fans brave frigid temperatures as team takes on Steelers

By Chris Parenteau - Reporter

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - The Jaguars have made it to Pittsburgh, as have many Jaguars fans, with hundreds more on the way, after just leaving EverBank Field, making the 12-plus hour bus ride up to Heinz Field in time for the game Sunday.

The team is in the Steel City, getting in around 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

It's the main thing on the minds of Steelers fans in Pittsburgh: revenge for the beating the Jaguars dished out up here earlier this season.

News4Jax reporter Chris Parenteau is in Pittsburgh and spoke with Mayor Lenny Curry, who is there for the game. Getting off one of the team buses, Curry is fired up for Sunday's game.

"Our team was built for this, so it's good to be in Pittsburgh," Curry said.

With snow on the ground and temperatures at Heinz Field on Sunday that will struggle to get up to 20 degrees, count the mayor among the fans from Jacksonville who aren't bothered by the weather.

The mayor knows that Sunday's game is huge not only for the Jaguars, but for Jacksonville as a whole.

"To be playing football in January, it's a big deal for our city," Curry said. "But as again I have been saying, I am following coach Marrone's way and philosophy of football: cool-headed, levelheaded, take care of business and take it one game at a time.

Lee Johnson was Parenteau's Uber driver through the snowy streets of Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. He was at that game and two others this season.

"It was good until it was about 12 to 9. After that, it was a disaster," Johnson said. "I really didn't like it."

He still has the tickets from each in his car.

"I keep the Jacksonville ticket under my arm rest, and my other tickets where people can see them," Johnson said.

"Why's that?" Parenteau asked.

"Because I don't like to be reminded of what happened that night," Johnson said.

But Jaguars fans are hoping for a repeat.

"Pretty optimistic," Jaguars fan John Hart said. "The Jags have a good chance. The defense is going to show up, for sure, and I think you've been some problems."

Many have made the trip up, and are enjoying the city for one more day before their full attention turns to Heinz Field and Sunday's game. Many were outside the Westin Saturday when the team arrived, greeting the hometown team and letting the players know they are here to support them this weekend.

"I was a season ticket holder for over 10 years and they had a lot of struggles," Hart said. "Now to see the draft picks working well, the free agency, good coaching, it's kind of rewarding for the city and for the people there in Jacksonville."

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