Jaguars set Friday deadline for season ticket renewal

2018 season ticket increase depends on where seats are located

By Chris Parenteau - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville Jaguars fans have until 11:59 p.m. Friday to renew their season tickets for 2018.

The team tweeted on Monday that "due to the high demand for season tickets, March 9 is a hard deadline for season ticket renewal."

Many fans have already renewed their season tickets, but some have noticed they are paying more for 2018 season tickets. 

How much more tickets will cost next season depends on where the seats are located. Some areas of the stadium are seeing higher price increases than others.

But with loyalty pricing, last year's season ticket holders won't pay as much for seats as a new season ticket buyer.

For years, tickets for Jaguars games have stayed among the cheapest in the league. Even with the increase for the 2018 season, that will still be the case.

"Traditionally, they haven't gotten a price increase," Sean Flood, director of sales and service for the Jaguars, told News4Jax on Wednesday. "This year, I think their understanding that with the performance on the field increasing, to keep our average ticket price on these levels, we have to eventually increase out."

That increase totaled about $1,000 for one season ticket holder, whose two seats in Section 111 were each $500 more for next season. 

A couple of other season ticket holders told News4Jax that their season tickets only increased by about $100.

Not only are season ticket renewals going to be better than the Jaguars expected, there are also 5,000 people on a waiting list for season tickets. They will have their opportunity to begin buying on April 2.

"We haven't seen anything like that in my four years here," Flood said. "Obviously, we are very excited ... for what the stadium is going to look like next year. It is a very cool and unique time period for us."

In the past, fans have had a longer period to renew season tickets. But last season's playoff run shorted the time period for next season. Even with that, however, the team is still seeing more people renewing earlier.

Although team is increasing ticket prices, the Jaguars are lowering the cost of some popular concession items.

To renew season tickets, click here or call the Jaguars ticket office at 904-633-2000.

Fans will also notice several other changes at Jaguars home games next season.

EverBank was bought by TIAA Direct last year, prompting an adjustment to the EverBank Field moniker. Company officials confirmed last month that the team's stadium next year will be TIAA Bank Field. 

The change has to be approved by City Council, but officials said they don't anticipate any issues. If the name is approved by the city and the Jaguars, the change will begin in the 2018-19 season.

It will also be the first season since 2005 that tarps will not cover sections of seats.

That move follows a hugely successful on-the-field season for the Jaguars, who made the playoffs for the first time in a decade, and some fans said it’s what happens inside the stadium that matters, not the name on the outside.

The Jaguars removed the tarps for their first home playoff game in 18 years in January, when the team sold out the stadium with an announced attendance of 69,442.

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