Kouvaris: MJD wants to be a Jaguar

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Maurice Jones Drew was at Jack Hanninia's opening of his new dealership in Orange Park today. Jack is a long-time friend and a good businessman and had contracted MJD to appear at the opening of his newest venture.

Maurice did answer questions afterwards addressing his holdout and saying, "It's a business" about five times. "I have no ill will for Shad Khan or the Jaguars,' he said. "I never requested a trade. I want to finish my career here. I have roots here. I hope it can be resolved soon."

When asked if he was staying in shape, Maurice told us, "I've been working out in South Florida like I do every year. I'm keeping my pre-season traditions going. Working out there, not getting a haircut, not shaving. I can play right now."

Jones-Drew added, "I haven't taken anything that's been said personally. It's a business, maybe some people don't understand that." Last year, MJD didn't practice until after the 4th preseason game because he was rehabbing his knee.

And he's been keeping up with what the Jaguars have been doing. "I'm really happy about what I've been seeing here. Rashad, Blaine, Marcedes all seem to really have taken a big step forward. I'm just waiting for the call so I can get back in there."

As far as his stay in Jacksonville, Maurice added, "I have roots here. My oldest starts school this week so I'll be here all weekend. My dog needs shoulder surgery.

Shad Khan speaks his mind and so do I. I never requested a trade. I want to finish my career here." He said all of the right things, but added that he doesn't regret anything that has happened.

It's hard to say if he's setting the stage for meeting Khan or Gene Smith somewhere, or if he's just going to come back and go to practice. The story continues.

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