Mark Brunell: Where did 'Sacksonville' go?

Jaguars fall to Titans for 9th loss of 2019

By Mark Brunell - Sports Analyst

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Well, that was abysmal. 

The “Sacksonville” moniker made its appearance for the first time in what seemed like forever last week, and as quickly as it arose, it faded away into the darkness that is this season. Missed tackles, big plays given up -- a 99 yarder by Derrick Henry for starters -- and just poor play all around yielded that ugly result.

The team has given up, in my eyes, and it is all but safe to say the season is over.

Any armchair quarterback could make the call the Titans defense did tonight to beat the Jags -- stop Fournette on the ground and make the quarterback beat you. With Fournette being stifled, Kessler was not the guy to beat them.

Kessler is doing a fair job, however. He is competing and last night made some nice chunk yardage completions and tried his best to extend some plays. All those things would be nice, if he had any time to throw or anyone to throw to.

Moncrief dropped a go-route that hit him in the hands (twice), Bohannon stopped on an uncovered touchdown route early in the game (which may have swung this game somehow) and his O-Line couldn’t stop a beach ball from getting passed them.

Penalties are also one of the many Achilles' heels of this offense. Anytime it seems that Fournette was able to get free, the third most penalized team in the league would commit a penalty and have to start all over again.

We all know that injuries don’t help, but still.

If you watched the game I did, the defense played miserably. Where did "Sacksonville" go? What happens week to week, where one week we have an all-time defense and the next week Derrick Henry is throwing two linebackers and a corner down to the floor on a run tied for the longest in NFL history? Ramsey was getting burned, our D-linemen are being thrown to the ground, no one can tackle and somehow, this is the same team that beat the Patriots.

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After Derrick Henry’s third touchdown, which was not his last, the Titans were averaging over eight yards a play. I understand that Derrick Henry is a large human being, but this is not the first time this defense has seen him ever, or even this year! He set the Titans franchise record for rushing yards per game on our defense.

Maybe it is something about the Titans, but I am just speechless. At least we stopped Dion Lewis, I guess.

That was awful. Did I say that already? We got smacked in the mouth time and time again. Nothing went right. A complete embarrassment on national television.

I feel bad for Kessler because I do not think this is his fault. It is time to roll over and look to the draft and on to next season. I do not say this with any enthusiasm but… Go Jags.

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