Ultimate job: On field at Jaguars game

By Scott Johnson - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - If you want to ever perform on the field at Jaguar games there are a lot of opportunities for fans to get a job performing at games. We found three main groups where fans can apply to perform:

  • The Roar –- the cheer squad
  • Jax Pack –- a pep squad of men and women
  • The 'D' Line which is a drum line that performs on the field

"Every year we would see the guys throw shirts in stands or pass out beads and this year was first year that they had open tryout and first year they accepted women… ‘it was an online thing?' social media, at it was online," said Angie Ortiz, a new member of Jax Pack.

Christy Stechman Zynda is senior manager for the Roar. She said all the girls who apply to be cheerleaders go through tryouts first. "Then it's on to a job interview, not just audition, looking at how ambassador to community, so much of what we do is not just dancing on field, but we do 500 appearances a year," said Zynda.

The 'D' Line also has auditions for people interested in music. "Kind of like American idol style, have to be 18, be able to read music, audition piece, personal interview," said Andrew Nixon who performs with the 'D' Line.

All the groups have auditions in the late winter and early spring. They tell Channel 4 to watch Jaguars.com for updates on when tryouts that will be held in early 2014.

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