Sharks prepare for rematch with Predators

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Sharks defensive back Terrance Smith goes head-to-head against wide receiver Jomo Wilson.

JACKSONVILLE - Just when you thought the in-state rivalry could not get any bigger between the Sharks and the Predators, it did. Former Jacksonville quarterback Bernard Morris is expected to suit up for Orlando when the two teams collide on Saturday at Sea Best Field.

"I'm sure he'll try and give them a little bit of insight on us but last year is last year," said Sharks defensive back Micheaux Robinson. "You can't live off the past. I know he's going to be coming in here a little bit rusty. He hasn't had any action all year long so just as much of an advantage they think having our former quarterback, we feel like we have an advantage with him being our former teammate."

The Sharks snapped a 3-game losing streak last week with a 68-48 win over the Iowa Barnstormers. Now they return home to Jacksonville to face an Orlando team they know well. The Sharks lost to the Predators 49-47 in Orlando in week one. Now they seek to even the score.

"It's still Orlando," said head coach Les Moss. "We don't like them. They don't like us. Regardless, it's a football game. Whatever has happened in the past has happened in the past. We have to worry about this week and this week only."

The Sharks and Predators face off on Saturday night at 7:20 PM. You can see the game on Channel 4, including a pregame show at 7:00.

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