Behind-the-scenes giant of WJXT retires after 39 years

Mal Redington filled many roles, held many titles at Channel 4

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some happy-sad tears were shed in the News4Jax newsroom Thursday as an unsung hero at WJXT for nearly four decades retired.

Mal Reddington has held many positions over the years, most recently our "director of programs and partnerships." But that title does not do him justice, nor does it reflect all the contributions he has made behind the scenes to our news coverage.

Frankly, we don't have words to describe the difference he has made for our viewers day in and day out.

Everyone who has worked with Mal will be forever grateful for his leadership.

Mal met his wife, Lani, here, and she has been part of the Channel 4 family since 1974. She is not retiring yet. As she said today, somebody has to keep bringing home a paycheck.

Since he started at Channel 4 as a part-time camera operator in 1979, Mal said his secret of success has been stepping up and doing whatever work needed to be done.

We wish Mal all the best in a much-deserved retirement. 

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