Our reporting when your health is at stake

Editorial by WJXT/WCWJ Vice-President and General Manager Bob Ellis

Reporting complex stories is never easy and covering the coronavirus outbreak is as complex and fast-moving as they come, which makes the job of a newsroom even more important. This is an awesome responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Every day our lead story continues to be the coronavirus outbreak. Developments come at breakneck speed. Seemingly every hour, breaking news alerts about it grow more worrisome. Who could have predicted that The Players Championship would be played without fans? Or that the NCAA tournament would be played to empty arenas and other major sporting events would be suspended? It’s very likely we’ll see more cancellations in the days ahead.

Literally everyone is talking about this virus and what it means to each one of us. Its impact has now likely affected every one of you in some way.

At News4Jax, I want you to know we are focused on bringing you the facts about this story and answering the questions you have about where it is headed. Our news team is thinking carefully about the headlines and images we’re using to cover it.

There are important local stories to tell that do not emphasize doom and gloom. We’ll tell them. That’s when we’re at our best.

With the largest team of the most trusted and experienced local anchors and reporters, we understand our community and can provide the context you need to stay informed. The last thing we want to do is alarm you and that’s why we remind you in every newscast: prepare, don’t panic.

You have my word that we will devote the necessary resources to keep you informed and empowered so you can make your own decisions to keep you, your family and friends safe.

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